Textile Art

"Last of the Belles"

Kara Schorstein Peterson   Kara took an interest in the “quilt revival” that began in the 70’s, first exploring traditional patchwork quilting and then moving on to create her own designs for bed quilts, patchwork clothing and accessories, and art quilts. Since 1990 she has published patterns under the name Seams & Dreams. Over the past twenty years she has also accepted commissions for textile art pieces and has entered work in various art shows. She creates one-of-a kind textile art for Aspen and Evergreen, and produces custom upholstery work under the name Green Chair Studios.  Kara divides her time between her home in Highlands Ranch and living in Estes Park, CO.

"Beauty and the Beast"

Sue Hintz-Siegrist  While living in Norway in the 80’s, Sue developed an interest in weaving. With a fine art education, she knew she wanted a career in the arts and ran her own architectural graphics business for more than 20 years. Through workshops and classes studying fiber arts, she has concentrated on weaving in “rag” (fabric strips as weft) for about 15 years. Her inspiration often comes from hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park and canyons of the west. Fiber art offers her an interesting challenge to interpret what she sees and incorporate her tactile skills to create something that will speak to others.

"Alpaca Scarves"

Chris Switzer  Chris, along with her husband, has owned an Alpaca and Paco-Vicuna ranch in Estes Park since 1985. They began breeding and raising fiber-producing animals in 1980 because of Chris’ love for weaving and spinning. Chris has a BFA in weaving from Colorado State University, started the Rocky Mountain Llama and Alpaca Association, and teaches weaving and spinning workshops.  The gallery showcases her one-of-a kind shawls and scarves, each one a unique piece of wearable art.


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