Doug Richards Working primarily in clay, Doug’s art forms are usually hydrostrone, coldcast bronze or bronze.  At age 56 Doug took early retirement and began studying sculpting at the Wichita Center for the Arts with Babs Mellor. The subject matter he chooses are from his own interests and says “my most rewarding work is starting with a general idea and ending up with a surprise”. Doug’s sculpted relief of Enos Mills resides at Rocky Mountain National Park’s visitor center in celebration of the 100th anniversary.

"Jeweled Sculpted Tree"

Diana Ewing finds the natural environment to be an endless source of inspiration. While she draws her inspiration from nature, her intention is never to imitate it. As her hands sculpt the wire, she is able to not only create a form that houses the gemstones, but feels connected with nature in an artistic way. The process of creating a new tree always begins with the gemstones. Once the stones have been selected, she begins the process of preparing the copper wire. The wire she uses is salvaged from buildings, and puts it through a multi-step cleaning process to remove any residue and prepare it for use. "It is gratifying to use recycled material and turn what was discarded into something beautiful."

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