"Daybreak Begins From
Flattop Mountain"

James Frank Growing up near the banks of the Rocky River in Medina, Ohio, James fell in love with nature at a young age. His first trip west as a high school student inspired a dream to spend more time “out west”, and also a chance at photography. After college, James moved to Estes Park and began the work of becoming a professional photographer and business owner. Now having lived near Rocky Mountain National Park for more than 35 years, he has photographed its unique beauty in all moods and seasons. In addition to owning Our Natural Heritage Publishing, and Aspen and Evergreen Gallery with his wife, he has licensed photos world-wide for advertising, magazines, and commercial clients. His fine-art photography is showcased at Aspen and Evergreen, and also Earthwood Artisans Gallery in Boulder, CO. He has photographed places throughout the world, but his passion is his home, Rocky Mountain National Park.


Painting Back to Top